Totally Rewarding Podcast

Host: Jamie Newton

The world of Compensation & Benefits is often shrouded in secrecy, sometimes scandal, and mind blowing complication.

It’s viewed as a highly controversial department dealing with issues that are now central to the very fabric of society as we enter a post-pandemic world. Enter Totally Rewarding – our podcast is designed to help de-bunk the voodoo and dark magic, shaking off the stereotypical image of what Compensation and Benefits professionals do and how they do it.

We are not here to talk through career journeys or delve into someone’s favourite macro on an Excel spreadsheet – this is about understanding the individuals behind the scenes, the challenges they face, and what it’s all about.

During the series we will be challenging the best and brightest in the market covering how people fall into this unique profession, what really goes on at Comp Committee, the US Healthcare conundrum, and many more topics that we hope will enlighten you.

Join us to remove the shroud of complexity and shed light on a fascinating industry that many have no idea about!